Met Sine Thesis Yellow Helmet 2015 IUGZYNFRQ

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it met sine thesis yellow helmet 2015 is made with ice lite technology, a high strength material for maximum firmness, in turn is luminescent and shines in the dark for 1/2 hours. their construction allows for more ventilation. at the same time it has in-moulding intelligent fusion technology. includes base system support safe-t advance that provides the best value weight and comfort, more lightweight already that this soldier, also with more ventilation in the back of the helmet. straps and side splitters air lite, made of polyester, thanks to its design allow an easy evaporation of sweat, as well as aerodynamic. straps encastadas in anchorage points. includes front o2 gel padding, easy removal is to be washed and helps to keep your head cool and without smell of sweat, this allows a maximum breathability. . includes stickers and reflective logos that allow you to not go unnoticed at night. usb led, allows easy visibility at night. features: -technology ice lite. -technology in - moulding intelligent fusion. -polycarbonate layer. -easy adjustment with wheel safe-t advance. -strap and side air lite dividers. -straps embedded in anchor points. -front o2 gel padding. -reflective stickers. -usb led.

Met Sine Thesis Yellow Helmet 2015 IUGZYNFRQ

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