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•ECG Accurate Heart Rate: Get in the zone - Get better calorie estimates and track your intensity level by holding a button. Check your effort level by measuring your heart rate without a chest strap. Simply press and hold a button and see the ECG wave reference and percent of max heart rate right on display. Previous recorded heart rate will show while the LifeTrak Brite R450 calculates your current heart rate. Multiple measurements stored.•Long Battery Life & Water resistant: Wear it anytime and anywhere without recharging. No Charging; typical one-year battery life with standard coin cell. Water resistant to 30 meters.•LightTrak: Brighten your day - Proper exposure to natural light enhances mood, energy and sleep. Tracks ambient and blue light levels and alerts you for optimal exposure. Enable yourself to make the most of your day and get your best nights rest by tracking your exposure to both ambient and blue light levels. Notifies you if you need more natural light to start your day or less before you head to bed. LifeTrak Brite R450 leverages its advanced light spectrum sensor and algorithms to monitor both your overall light and blue light exposure levels. Use the LifeTrak app to view your light exposure data over time and compare to your activity and sleep.•SleepTrak 2.0: Awake refreshed - Auto sleep, nap and wake detection. Intelligent Wake Up monitors your sleep quality wakes you at your optimal time. Rest easy without needing to tell the LifeTrak Brite R450 you're going to sleep or waking up. Intelligent Wake Up uses a gentle vibrating alarm and your real-time sleep quality data to wake you in the time window of your choice and when you are not in deep sleep. Advanced wrist-off detection enables LifeTrak Brite R450 to record both sleep and naps Review your sleep quality data to help you improve your night's rest. LifeTrak Brite R450 monitors your sleep quality based on motion, arm posture, ambient light and advanced wrist-off detection.•Precise Tracking: Know your numbers - Automatically tracks all day calorie burn, steps, distance and workouts. Stores data up to seven days on wrist. Get personalized all-day calorie-burn data to get a more accurate picture of your progress. Calories burned are calculated by your heart rate readings, activity, and personal statistics. Get a better picture of your progress with accurate step count and distance measurement. Uses a 50-60 step buffer to filter out false steps by making sure you are really walking, before updating the count. Adjusts to walking, jogging, or running through a patented pace-based algorithm.

Health and fitness is morethan activity. It's also about the environment and people around you. That's why LifeTrak Brite R450 includes LightTrak, Notifications, SleepTrak 2.0, as well as LifeTrak's accurate ECG heart rate and activity tracking. Brite's LightTrak monitors your exposure to overall and blue light levels and lets you know when you need more or less natural light, so you can enhance your mood and energy levels during the day and prepare for a good night's rest. Brite keeps you motivated with fitness notifications. It also lets you stay in the loop with notifications right on your wrist, from your compatible smartphone, so you never miss a key moment with the people that matter. When your busy day is done, Brite's SleepTrak II takes care of your night. It includes all the advanced technology of SleepTrak plus our new Intelligent Wake-up feature, which uses your sleep quality data to gently wake you at your optimal time, so you start the new day feeling refreshed. Even more amazing is that Brite has all this and carries our LifeTrak signatures of no battery charging required, water resistance to 30 meters and reversible and interchangeable ComfortFit bands.

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LifeTrak Brite R450 Fitness Activity Tracker DRBUPUQID

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