Bodi Tek Slim Gym Body Muscle Toning System white YXKQZJQHF

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Advanced EMS technologyIncrease strength, enhancemuscle tone & definitionSuitable for men and womenAdjustable intensity settings& variable pulse frequency5 Channel output

The Bodi-Tek Slim Gym Body Toner givesall over body toning with reusable padsplaced directly on the areas you wishto target. Target tones up to 5 musclegroups at the same time.When exercising, your muscles receivesmall electrical signals via your nerves to stimulate contractions. Once a muscle has contracted and the nerve is no longer sending a signal, the muscle relaxes. The Bodi-Tek Slim-Gym Body Toner mimics these signals to simulate normal exercise. Can be used with up to 10 pads Developing your workout programme:As you become accustomed to using your Bodi-Tek Slim Gym Body Toner you can gradually build up your own personal programme, working on key areas of your body. You can use any number of pad pairs and work on different areas of your body at the same time.The time lapse between pulses can be varied from 1.5 to 3 seconds. This delivers between 20 to 40 muscle contractions per minute. For example, when working your stomach muscles you can exercise them up to 600 times in just 15 minutes.We recommend you start with a programme lasting about 20 to 30 minutes for each session. You can then increase this progressively to approximately 60 minutes.You can choose to have more than one session a day providing you leave a period of about 3 to 4 hours before repeating on any particular muscle grouping.With all effective methods of building and toning muscles, regular sessions are essential. In any toning or fitness programme the best possible results will be achieved when you combine exercise - passive or otherwise - with a suitable diet.Treatment Areas: Chest Arms Shoulders Waist Stomach Hips Upper, Inner & Outer Thighs Lower & Mid-Back Bottom

Box Contains

Slim Gym Body Toner Control UnitConductive Gel Oval Pads (X10) & Leads (x5)Elasticated Straps (2 X Long & 4 X Short)Mains AdaptorSlim Gym Body Toner Carry Case

Bodi Tek Slim Gym Body Muscle Toning System white YXKQZJQHF

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