Bioflow Sport Slim Black White L 20 5cm AKGJRDGAG

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Durable, waterproof silicone wristbandCentral Reverse Polarity 'CRP' field - a strong, multi-directional force of magnetismBioflow products are alternative or complimentary health productsCan be worn on the wrist or the ankleBracelets conform to the highly regarded Medical Devices Directive and have approval as Class 1 Medical Devices in the UK and Europe

Bioflow magnetic therapy sport wristbands are specifically developed for athletes and active individuals seeking a natural and non-invasive way to enhance performance and aid recovery.

Designed to complement an active lifestyle, Bioflow Sport is a winning combination of powerful magnet technology teamed with a durable, waterproof silicone wristband. Each wristband contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet encased in a smooth and comfortable one-piece strap.

Measure your wrist carefully and order a size that fits comfortably and is not restrictive.

PLEASE NOTE: Bioflow products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.

Bioflow products are alternative or complimentary health products and use magnetic therapy, which is verified as 'no health risk' by the World Health Organisation. We will not make any claim that any of our products will prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose illness. There is no substitute for sound medical advice and we recommend that if you are concerned about a health issue, you should consult a doctor or medical professional.

Bioflow Sport Slim Black White L 20 5cm AKGJRDGAG

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