Aerial Yoga Swing Super Anti-gravity Yoga Hammock Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing Anti-gravity Yoga HQBUEVINH

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Professional design: vibrant colors and gentle dimming yoga studio quality aerial swing trapeze crafted from high-strength parachute material fabricUnique features: Wide and comfortable thick foam handles and a spacious triple suede swing seat that can stretch comfortable boundaries in any yoga swing air practiceEach sling comes with 200 pounds of iron parcel load capacity, 8cm large spiral buckles ensure your safety in any of our aerial yoga hammockWhether it's for inversion therapy for spine decompression or for upper body strength building, such as using it as a shelf, multifunctional yoga inversion slings can enhance your health100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We believe in the quality of our yoga swing trapeze people very confidently. If our flying trapeze flight does not meet or exceed your expectations, we will provide you with an undisputed 100% satisfaction commitment.

Setup Instructions (Check this setup procedures instead of the manual) 1. Secure 2 ceiling mounts on ceiling or beam at a proper distance(2 kinds of screws for different ceilings).
2. Hook 2 daisy chain straps to the mounts.
3. Hook trapeze hammock on daisy chain straps(adjust the height according to your need).
4. Hook 6 foam handle training belts the same height with the swing on the straps.
5. Check everything carefully for the stability to ensure your safety.
6. Enjoy the inversion hammock.
What You Can Get From Yoga Hammock
Instant Pain Relief - After a long day, spend a few minutes upside down and allow gravity to relax and elongate your back.
Injury Prevention - Start strengthening and elongating your spine today to prevent future injury and relieve wear and tear.
Flexibility - Add extra thickness to every stretch with strong and supportive materials that allow you to bend further with confidence. Core and Upper Body Strength - Provide your core with a dynamic new challenge. Use gravity and inversion to push your upper body and core to The limit.
Peace of Mind - With just a few minutes of daily use, our yoga swing allows you to rest easy knowing you're providing the elongating traction that your spine needs. Specification:
Size: about 2.5m*1.5m (98.42 * 59.05)
Material: Parachute Fabric/Polyester Taffeta
Weight: about 3340g
Load capacity: 450lb
Package Contents:
Yoga hammock 4 screw locks, 6 handles, 24 retractable buckles, Two 1 meter extension strips (kishishi)

Aerial Yoga Swing Super Anti-gravity Yoga Hammock Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing Anti-gravity Yoga HQBUEVINH

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