Advantage Rod Holder Side by Folbe UCCATRXPO

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By Folbe Advantage Rod Holder: side

Clam-shell design holds your fishing rod securely. Release is extremely quick and smooth., Hold rods with handles up to 1?1/2?diameter. Knight in the holder accepts rods with finger grips., positively locks in your gear when needed with auto-locking bases. Positive locking bases mean no movement whatsoever. Folbe bases accept many other manufacturers 'gear as well., Made of non-corrosive, fiber-reinforced materials materials for years of reliable use. virtually impossible to break., Mount Dimensions 4?x 2 x 2?Bolting Dimensions 1?-?5/16?x 3?3/16

Advantage Rod Holder Side by Folbe UCCATRXPO

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