66SICK Espacio Libre Broken Bike Saddle 66SBRO WQQNFLJYQ

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Light weight: approx. 290gChromo Sattel StrebenErgonomic, totally 'Reduce, deeper noseA microfibre coverKevlar edge protection

66SICK bike saddle & # 39; Espacio Libre & # 39;-Very stylish ergonomic freeride all-mountain comfort saddle the Ehmalige BMX world cup-Total winner Sascha Meye Nborg brings with the label 66SICK its own product line on the market. The Urologe and very small biker Dr. Stefan Staudte developed the leg saddle principle and Schuff a pressure distribution to look for medical principles. The deeper saddle nose offers more space and a large living space for the perineal area. Numbness feelings were once. The XXL Step was created by SQlab patented. The espacio Libre ensures and relief in combination with a Ligen and with a cool design. It is available in a wide variety of 129mm and 144mm. Thanks to the carbon fibre reinforced shell, Kevlar edge protection, chomoly bars and the microfiber cover is saddle Super Light Weight and durable, shock resistant.Technical Specifications: Colour: Multi-coloured with stylish graffiti design saddle struts: Strong Chromo-Shell: Carbon Fibre servers reinforced shell edge: Kevlar edges protection-cover: Microfibre-Ergonomics: Patented ergonomic XXL level of SQlab-Pressure Min, deeper, rear part soft (reduces impact in the event of a fall)-Weight: approx. 290g-Seat Width 129mm: Wipe Suitable for Seat clearance up to 11.5cm-seat width 144mm: Suitable for a sit bone distance from 12cm-Area of Use: MTB Mountain Bike, all mountain, freeride, enduro

66SICK Espacio Libre Broken Bike Saddle 66SBRO WQQNFLJYQ

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